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Advanced Technology For

Modernized Engine

India’s leading manufacturer of motors lubricant and  grease. The biggest exporter of designing products – has come about because of Caxtonlubricant that is occupied with the generation and advertising of lubricant, grease, and different products.


Our R and D aims to grow actually top class products in the field of Engine oil, Gear oil, Coolants, Lubricating, Hydraulic and other client-based requests in the working field. Our primary focus is on the advancement of new Products & offering prompt specialized services to clients.


With a group of chemistry and material science information based researcher, our group today has five designers and five best class researchers of the related field having the significant knowledge of Lubricants and its assistants.


Our marketing group works on clients coordinate requests for upgrading the performance of the products to the best class and amazing quality. Our goal is to fulfill clients prerequisite with our best product quality.

Introducing Modern Engine Full Synthetic

Engine have changed. They’re smaller, more proficient and run hotter. They can also develop gigantic carbon stores that influence engine performance.
Caxton Lubricant Modern Engine Full Synthetic battles carbon develop in GDI, Turbo, and other more up to date engine.


We take care of the most demanding engines
It meets the strictest quality models and directions. A particular formulation that gives perfect lubrication and maximum protection, enhancing engine performance and dragging out its life cycle.

Our Mission

To teach the client in logical strategies for choosing of oils, its usage, and preservation to give the correct lubricant under a wide range of extreme states of speed, load, temperature and environment.
And also to become both geological and product markets to drive revenue development. Advancement of abilities inside our appropriation organizes and improved client understanding will empower us to achieve our vision.


is high performance lubricant

Caxton Lubricant engine oil superbly joins premium base oil with added substance technology to give you high-performance engine oil. It attempts to works to optimize motor performance and give it superior protection.it is completely good with any mineral or manufactured oil your motorit is completely good with any mineral or manufactured oil your motor

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What People Are Saying About Us

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I simply need to state I genuinely have trust in your products particularly the Oil Stabilizer. I have a car and it currently has 31,282 [miles]. I utilize a bottle of it at each oil change and I trust it is the motivation behind why it is as yet running and in the great order! Thank you.

Kundan kumar kamti

Mechanical Engineer

I’m a regular customer. I have to say I am very impressed with the caxton Lubricant stabilizer and Oil Stop Leak. I trust caxton Lubricant Oil Stabilizer and recommend it to any car lovers out there that want their vehicle to last a long time. Thank you for making a great product.

Suraj chandra


I am truly thankful for Caxton Lubricant. My sports bike had been having an oil pressure problem for about one year. So I spoke with my mechanic and he recommended Caxton Lubricant after my oil change I am proud to say that I don’t have an oil pressure problem anymore.

Vijay Ram