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Caxtonlubricant product
Caxtonlubricant product
Caxton Product


Caxton Lubricant Multigrade Engine Oils are too premium Multigrade oil. The oil is produced using high-quality base oils and chose added substances which are deliberately mixed to give a SAE 20W 750 multi-grade engine oil.


Caxton Lubricant Multigrade Engine oils prescribed for every single imported vehicle, Premier 118 NE. Standard 2000, Contesa, Padmini, Ambassador and each of the 4-stroke engine Motorcycles like Honda and Bullet. Diesel motor application likes Tractors, Trucks, LCVs. Jeeps and Vans where SF/CC, execution level is viewed as useful.


Great oxidation stability and included insurance against  engine stores, rust, corrosion and wear. 
-Quicker engine begins and longer battery life. 
-Longer service life-fever oil channels. 
-High level of motor cleanliness.
-Lower fuel and motor oil consumption.
-Brilliant protection from wear.




Mobil 20W-40 meets the following specifications.
API CC/SC for petrol engines.
E-PL2/E-DL1 of IS: 13656/2002
 Pack Size (Ltrs.) :  210, 50, 26, 20, 10, 7, 7.5, 5, 3.5, 3, 1, & 900ml